Econotrol™ 2000

Model 2000 image

2 or 4 Gallon Per Minute Liquid Transfer Systems With Options of Stainless Steel, Iron, Bronze, Aluminum, Buna, Nylon, and Viton.  Will Batch Liquids with Ease in Ounces, Quarts or Gallons with +/- 1/2% Accuracy.  Designed for Industrial Chemicals, Herbicides, Pesticides, Bio-Diesel, Oil, Water, and most Liquid Additions.  Portable with Quick Connects.

This Heavy Duty Industrial Unit is designed for quick setup and dispensing of liquids at 2 or 4 gallons per minute up to 225 PSI.  This package features an all electric computerized control system, 2 or 4 gallon per minute pump with relief, stainless or aluminum gear meter, strainer, plumbing and fittings.  This low cost, compact size, light weight, and easy to install system gets you up and running fast.  A backlighted digital indication of Rate, Total, Running Total, Main Total, Batch Size, Inventory with alarms and flow error detection are standard.  A wide variety of Materials are available for Liquid Compatibility.  Designed for Agro, Specialty, and All Purpose Chemicals, Oil, Herbicides, Pesticides, Water and most non grit non flammable liquids.