Econotrolâ„¢ 70F


Container Filling Systems for Various Sizes of Containers and Liquids. This System is Designed to meet the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) H44 Standard Requirements for Weighing and Measuring. It allows you to Transfer as Much or as Little as you want.

As shown, the Closed-Loop filling will fill containers quickly with vapor recovery. The proven packaged computer, pumping, plumbing, valves and electrical system package the product precisely with data management. When you order, you receive all the equipment you will need for putting the systems into operation. Food, beverage and chemical units available. The filling system includes a weigh platform and built-in computer which measure the amount of liquid in the container and the amount that was added to make the desired total amount. The system gives you the ability to top off a container to the desired amount, print labels and more. The unit is 10 Base T. Ethernet Ready with assignable IP.

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