Econotrol™ 70FX


Explosion Proof Container Filling System for Class 1, Div. 1 & 2 Groups C&D.
Designed to meet the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) H44 Standard Requirements for Weighing and Measuring. It allows you to Transfer as Much or as Little as you want with Vapor Recovery.

As shown, the Closed-Loop filling and dispensing system is designed to get you up and running fast. This pre packaged state-of-the-art transfer system will fill your product to your customers’ needs while using vapor recovery. The filling system includes a weigh platform, liquid valves and vent valves, filling platform with balancers, hose and such. The Econotrol™ Computer will fill containers, measure the amount of liquid in the container, the amount that was added, display total weight, purge vent and return lines, pressure test containers, print labels or tickets and is Ethernet Ready. The system gives you the ability to top off a container to the desired amount even if liquid is still present. Unit will not turn on if a container is not present and has visual and audible alarms for errors, both in use and when finished.

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