Econotrol™ ET2-HP1


Explosion Proof High Pressure Additive Injector. This Unit is Used to Inject Additives Directly to the Manifold of Large Turbine Engines. This unit is Widely used on Cruise and Freight Lines for Smoke and Fuel Conditioning. The Ability to Turn On, Off and Adjust the Ratio Electronically Broadens Fuel Choices.

The Model ET2-HP1 Injector features a 1,000 PSI All Electric Computerized Control System and Pump which Automatically Ratios Blends at 100% of set Ratio. Cruise lines use this unit to reduce the black exhaust smoke and to help condition the fuel for longer maintenance intervals between cleaning. This particular injector has been used on cruise lines that have a fuel rate of 12-42 GPM with a manifold pressure of 800 PSI. When fuel grades are low or poor the additive ratio can be adjusted to improve combustion and give the exhaust a cleaner appeal to cruise patrons while reducing exhaust emissions. A Backlighted Liquid Crystal Display provides Rate Of Flow Indication and Totalizator of Both Main Flow and Blended Additive. An IP assignable remote management package includes Total Main Flow, Total Additive Flow, Run Time, Customer I.D. Numbers, Date & Time, Error Codes, Tank Level and the ability to change the ratio and operational parameters locally or remotely from any PC.

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