Econotrol™ ET2S12V-C4


Explosion Proof Four Additive Injector Portable Roll Cart For Engine Fuel Testings. Great for Fuel and Fuel Additive Testings on Engines and Test Rigs.

This Injector cart features four injectors and four 30 gallon additive tanks with suction side calibration cylinders. This cart package is used by large engine manufactures to inject additives and alternative fuels directly to the engine. The suction side of the units is completely plumbed to the tank and a junction box links the units together. The unit was designed so that it may be rolled to an engine testing cell for quick set-up and operation. The suction side calibration sites allow a visual confirmation on the amount so that the process is 100% accurate. A Backlighted Liquid Crystal Display provides Rate Of Flow Indication and Totalization of Both Main Flow and Blended Additive. An optional IP assignable remote management package includes Total Main Flow, Total Additive Flow, Run Time, Customer I.D. Numbers, Date & Time of transactions, Error Codes, Tank Level and the ability to change the ratio and operational parameters locally or remotely from any PC. The unit uses an 833 MHZ transmitter for remote data entry and exchange.

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