Econotrol™ ET2S12V-L


This 12 Volt DC Additive Injector with Flow Rates up to 5.61 GPM is Popular for use on RR Cars for Injecting Additives into Tankers. This Class I. Div. II Unit is Great for Fuel, Chemical and Water Additives. NSF listed Pumps for Potable Water and WRAS Approved Pumps Available.

This Injector features an All Electric 12 VDC Computerized Control System which Automatically Ratios Blends at 100% of set Ratio. This is a Low Cost, Compact Size, Light weight, and Easy To Install System. A Backlighted LCD provides Rate Of Flow Indication and Totalization of Both Main Flow and Blended Additive. An optional IP assignable remote management package includes Total Main Flow, Total Additive Flow, Run Time, Customer I.D. Numbers, Date & Time of transactions, Error Codes, Tank Level and the ability to change the ratio and operational parameters locally or remotely from any PC.

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