Econotrol™ ET2S12V-P1


Propane In and Additized Propane Out. Additive Injector with Propane Meter, Bleeder, Adapters, Additive Tank and Hose. Quickly and Easily Additize DOT Cylinders with POL or Type 1 Connections.

This unit is designed to be placed on a Delivery Truck or in the Fill House. Simply connect Propane to the inlet side and fill cylinders with the desired ratio of additive to propane. This package features an all electric “12 VDC” computerized control system, additive injector, .2-8 gpm fuel meter, 30 gallon aluminum tank, wire and fittings to automatically blend additive while filling cylinders. This low cost, compact size, light weight, and easy to install system is prepackaged and ready to connect, getting you up and running fast. A backlighted liquid crystal display provides rate of flow indication and total of both additive and propane.

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