Econotrol™ ET2S12V-PT1


LPG Additive Injector with Additive Tank, Suction, Discharge, Wire, Valves and Fittings. Great for LPG Motor and Cutting Fuel Additives. Unit operates on 12 Volt DC and is Specifically Designed for Easy Installation on a Bobtail.

This Injector is made to Inject Additives into Propane. The Injection of the Additive can take Place at the LPG Meter or with an Additive Hose Reel and an Injection Assembly for Injection at the Point of Delivery. The All Electric Computerized Control System and Pump Automatically Ratios Blends at 100% of set Ratio. A Backlighted Liquid Crystal Display provides Rate Of Flow Indication and Totalization of Both Main Flow and Blended Additive. An optional IP assignable 833 MHZ remote management package includes Docking Station, Transmitter, Total Main Flow, Total Additive Flow, Run Time, Customer I.D. Numbers, Date & Time of transactions, Error Codes, Tank Level and the ability to change the ratio and operational parameters locally or remotely from any PC.

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