Econotrol™ ET2V-S In Line Blender


In Line Blender for Indoors or Outdoors. Great for Ethanol, Fertilizers, Fuel Oils, Dyes, or Chemicals. Unit is 304 SS Nema 4,7&9 Dust & Water Tight, Explosion Proof.

The Econotrol™ ET2-VS In line blender offers a low cost stand-alone solution for blending liquids. With an unlimited choice of meters, valves, pumps, and materials of construction, each blender can be easily made for any blending application, from very small to large flow ranges, and with a wide choice of materials. Blenders can be installed in vertical or horizontal configurations with or without a base plate. High blend qualities are assured with Economy’s Flow Computer, which displays and integrates all application parameters.

Shown right, an all stainless steel blender for bleach/hypo chlorite solutions with
turbine flowmeter.

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