Econotrol™ ET3P-52 B-100 Blender


Bio Diesel Blenders with Digital Controls for Precise Fuel Blending.
Refinery, Truck, Rail Loadouts, Metering Skids, Industrial or Marine.

The 52 B is the larger companion of the 32 B, with 52 GPM or higher flow ranges. Economy Controls Biofuel Blenders can be supplied with Gear Meters and Gear Pumps, shown right, which have extremely high viscosity capabilities (10,000 CP). This eliminates concerns of gelling, or slow flow under cold temperatures, which could cause pressure imbalance and errors at Dispensers. All Blenders are fully proportional under all conditions using Computerized Controls made by Economy. Using Analyzers at Retail Travel Plazas throughout the USA, no errors were detectable at the Dispensers using Economy Biodiesel blenders.

All Blender Computers provide Rate Of Flow Indication and Totalization of Both Main Flow and Blended B-100. An optional IP assignable remote management package includes Total Main Flow, Total B-100 Flow, Run Time, Customer I.D. Numbers, Date & Time of Transactions, and Tank Level. All Blenders can be read, configured, or operated locally or via the internet from any PC. Any Errors in system operation, e.g., Lo Tank Level, are automatically broadcast back to the host system.

Economy will supply only the Blender and Controls, or the entire Package, with Installation, Project Management, and Start Up, for a turn-key solution.

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