Econotrol™ ET3P-550 B-100 Blender


Pump and Metering Skids for Biofuels, Feedstocks, Oils, Petrols, and Agrichemicals. Refinery, Truck, Rail Loadouts. Metering Skids, Industrial, Custody Transfer, or Marine.

The Blend Skid at right ratios 0 to 100% of any combination of liquids at 550 GPM, and includes an Additive Injector, manufactured by Economy Controls, for automatic addition of fuel additive proportionate to liquid materials and blended flows.

Economy Controls Skid Packages are shop-fabicated, wired, and completely operated with Local or Remote Control Systems before shipment, and each system is tested for performance and accuracy by experienced and licensed technicians.

Our products are known for their High Quality and Reliability by thousands of customers around the world. Each year, Economy provides parts and service to customers who purchased our products over 30 years ago, and those same products continue in operation today.

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