Econotrol™ ET3P-T60 B-100


Bio Diesel Blending Station Prefabricated and Installed On Site.

The T60 B100 Blender, shown right, was designed by Economy Controls with Pumps, Meters, Valve Manifolds, Strainers, Filtration, Tank, & Pipework Heating complete. Components were prefabricated for rapid and cost effective installation on site. With over 40 years of experience in designing Fluid Transfer Systems, Economy builds Blending systems which address each clients’ specific needs.

System Performance, Monitoring, and Maintenance checks can be made on the System by Computers in a remote control room, or over the internet.

All Blender Computers provide Rate Of Flow Indication and Totalization of Both Main Flow and Blended B-100, Run Time, Customer I.D. Numbers, Date & Time of Transactions, and Tank Level. All Blenders can be read, configured, or operated locally or via the internet from any PC. Any Errors in system operation, e.g., Lo Tank Level, are automatically broadcast back to the host system.

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