Econotrol™ ET2S12V-M


Severe Duty Additive Injector Designed in Partnership with the U.S. Military for Jet Fuel Additives. The Unit Comes with an Interface Cable to Dock with Syntech’s Fuelmaster™ Fuel Management System. Available for Commercial Fleets and Aviation Fuel Additives.

The Military version of our 12 volt additive injector injects Corrosion Inhibitors, FSII, Biocides, Antistatic Agents and Performance Additives into Jet Fuel. The severe duty design is also used for commercial aviation fuel additives in extreme environments. The remote display and an interface cable from the computer is in bidirectional communication with Syntech’s Fuelmaster™ Fuel Management System, which instructs the Additive Injector’s operation and the Econotrol™ confirms proper delivery.

Remote displays and Truck Interface Modules are available with all ET2S Injectors.

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